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Curriculum Triage

Curriculum Triage In the world of the medic, the process of triage is well understood. It involves performing a rapid assessment of a patient, swiftly identifying the presenting problem alongside a basic history and ascertaining the patient’s current physical and psychological condition. It is worth noting at this stage that during the triage process itContinue reading “Curriculum Triage”

The need for nuance – a bit of a wrench

There are over 24000 schools in the UK. That’s an awful lot of schools. Some are huge organisations serving thousands of children; some are tiny schools of barely more than a dozen pupils. Some are selective, teaching only those children who have already demonstrated a certain level of achievement, some are specialist settings serving childrenContinue reading “The need for nuance – a bit of a wrench”

The interconnected curriculum – The difference between bricks and mortar

The Interconnected Curriculum – the difference between bricks and mortar Individual subject teaching, or subject specificity is currently very much the topic du jour. The EIF, despite its associated protestations to the contrary, is very much an advocate of single subject teaching and the recently published subject reports make very little or no reference inContinue reading “The interconnected curriculum – The difference between bricks and mortar”

Curriculum – the Forth Bridge and Gluesticks

The problem with curriculum implementation – the Forth bridge and gluesticks Curriculum Bridges For the last few years, conversations around curriculum design have dominated all phases of the sector. No one would ever argue that a high quality curriculum is a not a key driver in raising achievement or that it isn’t a core partContinue reading “Curriculum – the Forth Bridge and Gluesticks”

Designing your curriculum, “Mummy, what’s your favourite dinosaur and how big is space?”

“Mummy, what’s your favourite dinosaur and how big is space?” Designing your curriculum. Having three small children in quick succession, lovingly referred to as the trinity of chaos, I spend a lot of my time trying to answer questions to which I don’t really know the answer. If I’m honest I don’t really have aContinue reading “Designing your curriculum, “Mummy, what’s your favourite dinosaur and how big is space?””

Pheidippides and the curriculum – how not to expire at the Acropolis

Pheidippides and the Curriculum Pheidippides arrived at the Acropolis to deliver one single piece of information, shared that knowledge and promptly expired. Many of us know the story of him running that distance from Marathon, across treacherous and rocky terrain to Athens but not as many of us may know that Pheidippides was in factContinue reading “Pheidippides and the curriculum – how not to expire at the Acropolis”


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