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No More Plimsolls

I have a new job. And I’m not sure I’m ready. I’ve known this first day has been on the horizon for weeks but now it’s here I’m not entirely sure I’m ready. Tomorrow, I start a new job, after seven years in the same role. Tomorrow, I start as the parent of a secondary…

Rightmove and the wrong sideboard. The classroom display debate

In the same way it brings ice creams, day trips and, “phew what a scorcher” headlines, summer inevitably brings the age old debate about classroom display. Should one have a corporate approach to classroom décor; or a spartan mindset; or a room so highly decorated it is like the lovechild of Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen and…

A Popty-Ping Curriculum

There is a something deeply unsatisfying about a microwave meal. Yes, some may be nutritionally balanced; some may be a suitable option for those who are time pressed or lacking in the tools or know-how to create the dish themselves but no one, absolutely no one is ever likely to say: “I should like to…

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